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Render Cleaning - Crawley, Horley, Horsham, Reigate, Dorking, East Grinstead

Render cleaning requires a less aggressive approach than pressure washing as pressure washing will damage the rendered surface. We use a soft wash approach using specialist cleaning chemicals. First we Softwash the stained wall render and then a biocide is applied killing the spores of any algae.

A newly rendered building looks great, especially through coloured Krend or Monocouche render. This type of coloured render is often sold as maintenance free. However the reality is within a few years algae often appears on the surface of the render making the new render look old and dirty.

Some will suggest re-painting rendered surfaces but this is costly and 99% of the time unnecessary. We can remove the green and red algae,dirt and grime from the surface usually without the need for a costly cherry picker or scaffolding.

High pressure jetting will damage the surface and will not clean render to the same level we achieve by using our soft wash system and specialist chemicals.

House with dirty render House with clean render